• July 04, 2019


A young girl fidels Abas was rescued at the mile 2 park by the National President of Patriotic Citizen Initiatives, Osita Osemene on 30th October 2013. The said victim is a young female of about sixteen (16 years) and a citizen of Ghana.

Patriotic citizens initiative during the world day on human trafficking held a sensitization program tagged identify and save a victim at the mile 2 international park. The program spurred up a consciousness among drivers on their roles on curbing human trafficking leading to a collaboration and partnership between the drivers and the organization.

It is in line with this that about 3.30pm on the 30th of October 2013, a call from the director of operations, Ghana section at the mile 2 international park came through my phone that certain under aged girl had been intercepted.

An interview conducted with Fidels Abas revealed that she came into Nigeria with her mother Idia Abas in 2011 and handed over to a woman who resides at Ogere towards Ibadan. She referred to the woman as “my Aunty”. She obviously was shaken by the psychological effect of her experience in her Auntie’s house.

Fidels claimed that her mum never visited her and she wasn’t enrolled in school until few weeks before the just concluded Barka De Sallah celebration. She was a domestic help. According to her the suffering and torture meted on her stirred up the desire to run away. She was able to save some money from the sales of pure water which she hawked for her Aunty. It wasn’t difficult for the park driver to identify her as a victim and handed her over to Mr. Osita Osemene of Patriotic Citizen Initiatives.

Mr. Osemene on getting to the scene received the victim and put a call though the Zonal Commander National Agency for the  Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other related offenses (NAPTIP) in the person of Mr. Joseph Famakin who received the victim and placed her under the NAPTIP  shelter for further investigation and re-uniting her with her family members.

She is presently in the NAPTIP custody. Find attached the pictures of the victim and Osita Osemene /Mr Mourufu (park executive)

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