• July 04, 2019

Irregular Migration Awareness Campaign In Edo State Catholic Churches

Irregular Migration:

Irregular MigrationIrregular migration has been on the radar of many government and non-governmental organizations in recent times. This is coming from the backdrop of records of heinous and avoidable menace resulting from it. The sub-Saharan African has been the major hot spot of this menace. Many citizens of countries in the sub-Saharan countries have lost their lives as a result of irregular migration. The Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea has unjustly become the burial ground of so many uninformed migrants.

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Many irregular uninformed migrants have been kidnapped, enslaved and shamelessly trafficked. As a result of irregular migration many have suffered grievous and heinous crimes in the hands of human traffickers. Many young girls have been through sexual violation, killings and yet through exploitation and made to pay huge ransoms.  These are the messages Patriotic Citizens Initiative has taken to Catholic Churches in Benin City Edo State Nigeria.

Irregular Migration Campaign In Churches:

Irregular MigrationThe target of Patriotic Citizens Initiative (PCI) is to spread the message of the dangers of irregular migration to all sundry. And religious bodies such as the Catholic Churches are a great platform to do so. PCI team is very grateful to the Catholic Churches in Benin City for their warm reception and acceptance. And interestingly, we are not alone in this campaign; we have earned the support of the conference of Catholic Bishops in Italy.

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PCI really appreciate their good gestures in this direction and the future support we will receive from them.  Emphasis over the dangers of irregular migration cannot be too much and that is why PCI is making this frankest effort in seeing that human trafficking comes to minimal level. Therefore, we hope that everyone who heard our messages will become an advocate against irregular migration.

How We Do It:

Irregular MigrationTo create awareness about the dangers of irregular migration and human trafficking across the desert through mass campaign programs

To embark on rescue missions to transit camps (within the deserts) to save those illegally trafficked and trapped in the desert.

Also to organize rehabilitation and reintegration programs for returnees

To inculcate in our leaders the need to improve the well-being of the citizenry through active civil advocacy

To imbibe in our youths the enabling characters for positive thoughts and actions

And to help the youths and others make moral, patriotic, efficient and useful citizens of themselves.

To assist returnees reintegrate into the society through training and empowerment.

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All Hands Must Join PCI Against Irregular Migration:

However, PCI cannot achieve all the above without your assistance. We therefore, ask all well-meaning individuals and co-operate organizations to join hands with us. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to PCI and to let us know how you can contribute to this noble mission.

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