• July 03, 2019

Current Events

The need to dissuade many potential victims from falling into the traps of these human traffickers has never been greater. The growing incidence of child labor, slavery, prostitution and robbery in Europe among irregular migrants has been traced to the doorstep of human traffickers. Many of the victims are usually young and are vulnerable once trafficked out of their known comfort zones.

Governments recognize that this is a battle that requires all efforts including the civil society. It is against these backgrounds that we at PCI will continue to work with all stakeholders towards reducing the incidence of irregular migration and human trafficking. Besides our advocacy campaigns, direct intervention and assistance where necessary, we also continue to monitor the roles of the human traffickers in order to understand their new ways and tactics through surveillance efforts and inquiries at all times.

Part of our ongoing roles at address the challenges of irregular migration through people trafficking, we are currently engaged in;

  • Engaged in Lagos state empowerment program for vulnerable youths. The initial target youth number is 200 to be empowered in agricultural skills like fish farming, snail farming, poultry, piggery and other farming activities as part of PCI mission aimed at dissuading the youths from becoming victims of human trafficking.
  • Presentation / Unveiling of a Book titled CHASING A MIRAGE, MY SEARCH FOR A OASIS and fund raising plan for a 100 Capacity Home of Dreams Rehabilitation / Reintegration Home for returnees/ victims.
  • PCI participated in the Validation exercise of the National Migration Policy and labor Migration policy
  • PCI is also actively involved in the promotion of better management of migration in Nigeria implemented by IOM and UNODC.
  • Facilitates the Assisted Voluntary Returnees Reintegration Program under the International organization for migration (IOM) in the area of Mentorship for Returnees and Business/ skill acquisition training.
  • Campaign on dangers of irregular migration in Edo State under ECOWAS COMMISSION Spanish fund.