• July 04, 2019

Future Events

At PCI, we recognize the value and importance of awareness and sensitization campaigns. We also understand the role and importance of educating and empowering the youths especially at the grassroot level. We recognize our modest past efforts and achievement and the need to consolidate on all these. It is against these backgrounds of sensitization, awareness and education that we aim to;

  1. Target in every local government area of the country an Agricultural Skill and Training Program for at least 100 youths per local government. These trained youths will be trained and empowered to train similar number of youths in the same local government on the same skills they have acquired to achieve maximum effect. This program is titled ( T3 program or Train The Trainer ).
  2. Update the training skills on a quarterly basis to these youths and also encourage the participation of other rural dwellers in the whole scheme.
  3. Extend the awareness and sensitization campaign on the dangers of irregular migration to the rural areas in order to discourage rural / urban migration and irregular migration through the desert through advocacy and training for the youths.
  4. Distribute the book titled CHASING A MIRAGE, MY SEARCH FOR A OASIS to all the 774 local governments in the country including the over 160 universities and 50 polytechnics across the country.
  5. Currently working on the Royal Generation campaign programme in partnership with the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Presidency, UNODC, NAPTIP, IOM and the EU.
  6. Reach out to all the secondary schools in Nigeria to raise youth ambassadors against the menace of irregular migration and human trafficking.