• July 13, 2020

Patriotic Citizens Initiative (PCI) Irregular Migration And Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign In Edo State

Knowledge Impartation:

KnowledgeKnowledge is the key in life. And just like the holy book says that “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.  The reality is that if knowledge is available causalities as a result of diseases will be very low. And also, if knowledge is available many will not be consumed by situations either created by man or natural. Therefore, knowledge has become a tool for the elimination of ignorance in the society. When knowledge comes it helps to reduce the rate of causalities and victims of situations created by man.

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The fact is that if one knows about a situation it will be easy for him to handle it. And it will be done without much ado. On the other hand a little glitch about a situation if not resolved will gulp a whole lot of people. Based on this very fact, Patriotic Citizens Initiative (PCI) has taken its campaign to Benin City Edo State to create the needed awareness against irregular migration.  And at the same time unfold its pilot program that will aid in the elimination of irregular migration.

The facts coming from series of interviews conducted by Patriotic Citizens Initiative have revealed that most victims of irregular migration falls prey because they lack knowledge. In making available the knowledge of the dangers of irregular migration Patriotic Citizens initiative (PCI) has to get other stakeholders involved. Several stakeholders in the fight against irregular migration were at hand at the campaign program in Benin City Edo State Nigeria.

PCI Modus Operand:

KnowledgeIn his opening remarks Mr. Osita Osemene the president of Patriotic Citizens Initiative (PCI) thanked all the participants that made themselves available. He went further to enumerate how much PCI is involved in making sure that the conditions of returnees fares better. And also how much PCI is helping to see that every returnee is rightly reintegrated into the society.  Mr. Osita Osemene listed the modus operand of PCI as follows:

  • To create awareness about the dangers of irregular migration and human trafficking across the desert through mass campaign programs
  • To embark on rescue missions to transit camps (within the deserts) to save those illegally trafficked and trapped in the desert.
  • Also to organize rehabilitation and reintegration programs for returnees
  • To inculcate in our leaders the need to improve the wellbeing of the citizenry through active civil advocacy
  • To imbibe in our youths the enabling characters for positive thoughts and actions
  • And to help the youths and others make moral, patriotic, efficient and useful citizens of themselves.
  • To assist returnees reintegrate into the society through training and empowerment.


KnowledgeIn conclusion, Mr. Osita Osemene reiterate that PCI is an organization that is ever ready to work with individuals and organizations in making sure that the dangers of irregular migration is reduce to minimal level. The president of PCI also stated that the organization is taking bold step in the direction of establishing a male camp in Benin City Edo state. This camp will help to house all male returnees who find it difficult to integrate with their families.


Stakeholders Recommedations:

However, some of the people who have benefited from PCI reintegration programs did not hesitate in airing their voice in commending PCI activities. Some of the people who spoke are Mr. Nosa Okundia and Mr. Brown Odigie. Mr. Nosa


Okundia who is the chairman of Greater Returnees in his recommendation says that PCI has really helped his organization in several ways. He stated that through the help of PCI his organization has been able to uplift so many returnees. However, Mr. Brown Odigie chairman of Esan Returnees Association spoke and recommended PCI for creating an initiative that has helped them. That with the help of PCI they are moving on well in their locality. He stated that their local government area has identified with their association at the moment and are helping them in the right gestures.

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Meanwhile, video clips of interviews conducted by Digi Brand were played at intervals. These videos are tools in driving the message of the dangers of irregular migration to the public. It will help to deter prospective migrants from taking the step. In his closing remarks Mr. Osita Osemene the president of PCI thanked all the returnees that came and all other participants for honoring PCI”s invitation. However, he stressed the need for each returnee to imbibe the character of patience as they continue to see how things unfold in the area of financial empowerments.

Those in attendance were delighted about the program and also they promised to carry on with the campaign and awareness in their localities.

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